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    Best Vegan Food in Sydney

    Since moving to Sydney, I’ve found myself trying to make a more conscious effort to eat a more plant-based diet. Whilst this has gone out the window slightly with pregnancy, I’ve found that it’s incredibly easy to access delicious and healthy plant-based food in Sydney. There are so many vegan restaurants in Sydney catering to all cuisines, budgets and tastes. Alongside vegan restaurants, there are also lots of Vegetarian restaurants in Sydney honouring the humble veggie. It’s been awesome to work my way through my ever-growing list of restaurants. There are many more vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Sydney I’m impatient to visit, but in the meanwhile, I’ve pulled together…

  • Wine tasting in Mudgee
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    My favourite boutique wineries in Australia

    Before moving to Australia, my go-to wines were usually Italian or Spanish. Usually Australian wines had a higher price tag on any wine menu! However, with an abundance of boutique wineries in Australia, and many wineries near Sydney, it’s pretty much all Will and I drink these days. There’s an abundance of wine regions and cellar doors all over Australia, with many wines showcasing and winning coverted awards at international wine competitions. With so many quality, boutique wineries near Sydney, and further afield, we’ve been able to taste lots of delicious wines. Wine tasting is also a perfect activity to do over a weekend, without having to take any leave…

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    Phuket Food Tour – 5 Foodie Experiences in Phuket

    Will and I recently got back from 9 days in Thailand, which was basically a self-guided Phuket food tour, scuba diving, beaching and sightseeing aside! Will organised the entire trip as a surprise for my 30th birthday, and despite being an absolute control freak when it comes to planning our trips and adventures, I have to say that he couldn’t have done a better job. There are plenty of things to do in Phuket, including some of the ultimate foodie experiences in Phuket that Will knew I would love, including a visit to Phuket town night market, stuffing ourselves at the best Indian restaurant in Phuket, a Blue Elephant cookery…

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    My top 5 Indian Restaurants in Sydney

    I love a curry so it’s no surprise that I’m on a quest to find the best Indian restaurant in Sydney. Britain is a nation of curry lovers, with Indian being one of top options for a takeaway. I’ve been curry-obsessed since my parents first took me for a chicken korma, aged 6. I have never forgotten the flavours; the first creamy, almond-infused bite, the crunch of a pappadum and the sweetness of the mango chutney. I was hooked. Whilst my first curry was undeniably bastardised for English tastes, I’ve since expanded my knowledge of various regional dishes, and I would now happily eat out at authentic Indian restaurants every…

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    My pick of the best wineries in the Hunter Valley

    Wine tasting has long been one of my favourite things to do, and since moving to Sydney we’ve been able to visit some simply outstanding vineyards. I used to be a red wine only girl (hence my obsession with Piggs Peake), but I’ve developed a newfound respect for a chilled glass of good quality white wine. It’s got to be the heat. We’ve visited vineyards in and around Hobart, the Hilltops Regions, the Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven, Mudgee and of course, we’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Hunter Valley several times. For more awesome wineries check out my favourite boutique wineries in Australia The most recent visit to the Hunter…

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    Anthony’s best Italian restaurants in Sydney

    After a weekend in Melbourne sampling the culinary delights of Lygon Street, I find myself bemoaning the lack of good Italian restaurants and Italian cuisine in Sydney over espressos with a colleague. ‘Are you serious?’ He demands, hands slamming down on the table, his reaction so energetic the coffees wobble dangerously. I nod, perplexed, and he leans towards me as if he’s about to share a huge secret. Which he is. Anthony Angelo Capuzza, a Sydneysider of Napoletano heritage, informs me that I’m grossly uneducated on the Italian food scene in Sydney. Italian is the city’s unofficial second cuisine, with many of Sydney’s best high-end eateries heavily influenced by Italy.…