How to Track a Phone Number in Australia: 100% Working Solution

How to Track a Phone Number in Australia: 100% Working Solution

Depending on whom you ask, modern-day phone tracking can be a bane or a blessing. According to a recent report from Statista, about 37% of iOS users are extremely concerned about online tracking. However, 21% of them are totally cool with apps that track them.

In Australia, there are many ways to track a phone number, each with its pros and cons. Some methods allow you to track your loved ones openly, while others are designed for stealth tracking. As a parent, for instance, you may think it’s totally normal to monitor your wards with or without their consent, but as an employee, you’d be alarmed to discover your employers are tracking you in secret.

This guide covers how to track a phone number in Australia for legitimate reasons. We’ll examine the best options for parents who need to track their kids, employers who need ethical tracking to promote workplace productivity, and spouses whose partners are probably hiding some damning secrets from them.

Top 3 App Solutions to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

Wondering, ‘Can I track a cell phone with just a number?’ Let’s cut straight to the chase and show you the best apps to track a phone number location. We’ve dug in deep into the world of phone tracking to find out the apps delivering the goods in space.

Note that all our picks are geared toward the user groups mentioned earlier. They’re user-friendly and reliable – all you need are just the good intentions, so you probably don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. 

Detectico: Phone Number Location Tracker 


One app that sits well with a wide user demographic is Detectico, a web-based service that only requires a phone number. Once you provide the phone number, the service sends a decoy message that once opened on the phone, activates stealth tracking instantly. You can customize the decoy message to make it more click-worthy – something that’ll most likely raise your target’s eyeballs.

Detectico is a plug-and-play system – no software to download, no long-winding installation steps. Everything happens remotely – no need to snoop around your target’s phone. Nothing will ever link back to you from their phone, and they’ll remain completely oblivious to your tracking campaign.

Once stealth tracking is activated, you’ll get your target’s location updates to an inch of perfection. You can track them halfway across the world. Even in places with no mobile network, Detectico can still track them through their Wi-Fi and other sensor data.

Forbes article citing a recent NSA report explains it better:

“Even if cellular service is turned off on a mobile device, “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can determine a user’s location. Inconspicuous equipment can determine signal strength and calculate location… Even if all wireless radios are disabled, numerous sensors on the device provide sufficient data to calculate location.”

Detectico works the same on every phone – Android, iOS, Symbian, and even first generation handsets – no need to check what type of phone your target uses. Plus, you can check up on your loved ones on any internet-enabled device – the desktop at your office, PC at home, or Android phone when on the go, etc. Simply hop a web browser and log on to your Detectico dashboard.

How to Track Phone Number for Free With Detectico?

Ready to track a phone number for free using Detectico? Here’s a detailed breakdown of the installation steps.

Step 1. Enter your Target’s Phone Number 

Sign up for your Detectico account and take the free trial or choose a suitable subscription plan. Head on to your user dashboard and enter your target’s phone number.

Step 2. Send A Text Message 

Sect a text message to send to your target. You can either choose from the pre-set templates or create a customized message you know will most likely get your target to click the link.

Step 3. Locate Your Target’s Device

Once they tap the link, you’re in. You can log onto your dashboard anytime on any device to check up on their location updates.

North App: Newest Solution to Location Tracking

north app

Only a few apps rival Detectico’s plug-and-play solutions. The latest is North App, a new spy service that totally simplifies phone tracking. When considering how to track someone with a phone number, you don’t have to worry about what service provider or phone they’re using with the North App. Once you have their phone number and get them to click on the tracking link (as with Detectico), you’re on to them.

You won’t be bogged down by complex installation steps or operational requirements. You won’t ever need to access your target’s phone physically – everything happens remotely. And you can rest assured you’ll leave a clean trail, and your target will never suspect a thing.

We chose North App among other alternatives to track someone by phone number because of a highly expedient exclusive feature. North App allows you to track the target’s phone from several numbers simultaneously. Simply add the numbers to the list of authorized numbers on your dashboard. For instance, this can enable kids to be tracked by their parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

How to Track Location Using Phone Number With North App?

Besides the exclusive location sharing feature, everything else about North App is very similar to Detectico, including the installation steps. Here’s how to track a mobile phone number location for free using North App.

Step 1. Enter Phone Number

To start using North App, set up your user account on the official website. Log into your user dashboard and enter your target’s phone number. 

Step 2. Send a Message

Next is the decoy message you need to send to your target. North App provides templates that you can choose from, but you can also set your custom message. Click ‘Send message’ to send your target the message, and wait for them to respond.

Step 3. Locate Your Target

Once your target clicks on the link, you’re set. Your target’s location will be sent straight to your dashboard. You can then add the numbers of other people you’d like to share your target’s location with. 

mSpy: Location Tracking App 


mSpy is a more versatile phone tracking app with an all-inclusive tracking offering. The location tracker has many features to help you ensure your loved one’s safety. You can view their real-time location as well as location history. Plus, the location updates come in full detail – you’ll get the full address, coordinates, and time and date stamp, all with high accuracy.

There’s a geofencing feature that alerts you when they leave a certain location. For instance, you can geofence your kids around their school to get notified when they arrive and leave. That way, you can always be sure your kids are safely in school during school hours.

mSpy works on nearly every Android and iOS device, including very old models and the most recent ones. However, one challenge you might have with mSpy is that it requires rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. But it’s a minor sacrifice you may have to make to guarantee your kid’s safety at all times. Plus, mSpy provides all the technical support you’ll need to set up the app successfully, including the jailbreaking/rooting steps.

How to Track a Phone Number Location With mSpy?

You can get your phone tracking campaign rolling with just a few clicks with mSpy. You’ll need to grab your target’s phone for a few quick seconds. Here are the steps in detail:

Step 1. Purchase mSpy

Login to mSpy on your web browser and click the ‘Try Now’ button. Provide your name and email, choose the type of device you want to track, and a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2. Install Software

Grab your target’s phone for a moment and jailbreak/root it if it isn’t already, following the instructions. Then mSpy will send you an email. Apply all the required settings on your target’s phone, and download the app.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

That’s all. Once you get confirmation that the app has been successfully set up on the target phone, the rest is easy. To track a mobile phone number’s current location, simply hop to your mSpy dashboard and scroll down to the GPS Tracker updates. 

More App Offerings for Tracking a Mobile Phone Number

Still, need more options to track a mobile phone number? Some top-notch spy apps provide unique offerings that may be a better suit for your needs. Let’s have a look at the best 5 alternative apps to track a mobile phone number.



With eyeZy, you can go in lockstep with your target everywhere they go. You’ll get highly accurate location information, and they won’t fall off your radar regardless of their whereabouts. Even where there’s no mobile network coverage, you can still track them through their Wi-Fi connection.

The Pinpointer reports are highly detailed and accurate, providing addresses, coordinates, time and date stamps, etc. eyeZy also provides geofencing, enabling you to rest assured of your loved one’s whereabouts without having to babysit them.

One key advantage eyeZy gives you compared to the apps to track someone using a phone number is that it uses AI to help you make sense of your target’s data. It can combine many different types of activity data with their location data to help you predict their behavior. For instance, it combines info from their social media chats and calendar to give you a heads-up on their next meeting location.

To use eyeZy, get a user account on the platform. Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll receive installation instructions via email. A Friendly Installer wizard will walk you through everything, plus there’s round-the-clock customer support to help out when you get stuck. Follow the Friendly Installer and roll out either the jailbreak/rooting or non-jailbreak/non-rooting installation options.

And that’s it. You can expect regular updates of your target’s location on your dashboard. The Pinpointer opens up an elaborate map showing the location and the surrounding area, as well as routes if you want to visit the place. 



Cocospy is another highly expedient app to track iPhone location by phone number because it hands you several features for location tracking. It tracks your target through both their mobile network and Wi-Fi network, giving you more options to keep a close eye on your loved ones.

The location report comes with an elaborate map. Details provided include the address, geo coordinates, time and date stamps, and possible routes to the location. Their real-time location will be pinpointed on the map, and at the bottom is the list of previous locations. You can click on each entry to learn more about the location.

You can have Cocospy set up within minutes. Simply sign up for an account on Cocospy with your name and email, choose the best-suited subscription plan, then take a quick moment to install the app on your target phone. From then, you can have their real-time and historical location updates on your dashboard. You can get updates at any desired intervals – even as quickly as every 6 minutes.

Another great thing about Cocospy is that it works with or without jailbreaking/rooting. And you can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing because Cocospy stays completely hidden on your target’s phone. It’s a lightweight app that can run nonstop for weeks and months without using any noticeable amount of phone resources. 



Life360 is designed to help keep families safer. Although it doesn’t allow you to track phone location by number for free in secret, it allows family members to easily share their location between themselves. It also offers many useful tracking features, including place alerts, which notifies you when they enter and leave a certain location, one-tap directions, which show you exactly how to get down to their location with just one click, and the driver report, which helps you monitor their driving to make sure they keep away from unsafe driving habits.

One major advantage of Life360 is their 24/7 live support. You can call in for anything from technical support for any technical difficulties to emotional support from certified specialists and distress calls for emergency response. 



Glympse also keeps you constantly in the loop of your loved one’s whereabouts. It reports the arrival and departure times as well as the locations of all their stops. Glympse works without installing software on the target phone. Simply send out a ‘Glympse’ to them, and once they accept it, you lock into their location data. You can track as many people as you want and share location info with others.

And you can rest assured the location update is accurate, with the right address and time stamp.

To use Glympse, simply set up your user account on the app’s official site, then follow the setup instructions sent to your mail. Once you have the app up and running, enter the phone number of the people you want to track, then send out a ‘Glympse’ to them. They just need to accept the permission request, and you’re on to their location. You can also share your location and those of the people you’re tracking with other users. 



FamiSafe is designed to suit the location-tracking needs of the modern family. In a fast-moving world, FamiSafe combines remote monitoring with parental control to give parents firmer grips on their kids’ activities. The app’s location-tracking can help you ensure your kids aren’t wandering around in the wrong places or playing truant at school.

You can check up on both their real-time and previous locations. Plus, there’s also geofencing to help you monitor their movements in and out of certain locations. You also get a wide range of parental control features to keep them in line, both online and offline. You can regulate their screen time, block certain contacts and content, and prevent them from accessing certain apps.

What’s more, FamiSafe has wide compatibility. It works on just about any Android or iOS device as well as on PCs, Macs, and BlackBerry phones. 


If you want to stop at nothing to protect the people you love, learning how to track phone number location should be a top priority. In a fast-paced digital world, it can be quite difficult to keep track of what’s going on with the people you love. Whichever track a phone by number app you choose from our list, you’re guaranteed to monitor your loved one’s location without fail. Accurate knowledge of their location helps you rest assured of your loved one’s safety.

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