How to Track a Phone Number in Australia: Both Free & Paid Tools

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Gone are the days when you needed to hire a private investigator or go through law enforcement to track a phone number in Australia. Once exclusive technologies have now cascaded down to the masses, allowing ordinary Aussies with benevolent intentions to learn how to track a phone number easily.

On the other hand, the availability of these technologies on a mass scale has also led to a glut of adulterated tools and techniques, with genuine, reliable solutions few and far between. With the right solutions, though, you can easily track a mobile phone number location anywhere in Australia with little or no limitations. You’ll be able to track your loved one’s whereabouts with high accuracy no matter where they are and any time of the day or regardless of what type of phone they’re using.

In this guide, we’ll do an in-depth review of some of the tested, proven methods to track a phone number in Australia. These solutions have a low bar of entry with no technical requirements and at pocket-friendly costs.

Let’s giddy up! 

Can I Track a Cell Phone with Just a Number in Australia? 

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The short answer is yes, but it’s a whole lot more complicated. There are tons of different methods out there, each with varying requirements and different prospects of success. It would probably take the uninitiated a lot of groundwork and possibly mistakes and frustration before getting to find the right solution. That’s why many people don’t even bother trying or give up before anything concrete is achieved.

But you can learn a thing or two from our copious hours of research. After tons of hours of testing and reviewing, here’s what we think about the solutions out there. Our recommended solutions can roughly be grouped into three categories. Now let’s examine what to expect from each type. 

3 Best Options to Track Any Phone Location by Number

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This rough categorization of the best solutions to track someone by phone number is a good head start for your search. Note, however, that products in each category are not created equal – you still need to dig in deeper to find out what products have the best offers. We’ll also give you a head start on that as well. 

SMS Location Tracking Apps

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These are online trackers that begin to track a mobile number’s location the moment a tracking link is clicked on the device bearing the number. One good example is Detectico, which can track any number on any device anywhere in Australia.

Like other similar products, when you sign up on Detectico, you’ll be asked to provide the phone number to be tracked and choose a decoy message to be sent to the number that will get the owner to click on the tracking link. Once the message is sent, and the owner clicks on the link, Detectico locks down the phone’s location.

From then on, how to track a phone number location is as easy as checking for periodic or real-time updates on your dashboard. Detectico also works in perfect stealth. All you need to track someone by phone number without them knowing is for them to click on the tracking link. And they can never tell they’ve clicked on a disguised tracking link because there’ll be nothing to alert them to it – no changes to phone settings, suspicious icons, or suspicious consumption of power or data. 

Spy Apps

spy agent

Spy apps are even more comprehensive in their approach, giving you wider access to your target’s phone data. In addition to their phone location, you’ll also get to track their calls, SMS, social media, browsing activities, and lots more.

Spy apps essentially hand you complete access to their phone without you having to figure out the password and search through their phone physically. You’ll probably need physical access to the phone just once to set up the spy app. Once you’re through, you’ll have all your target’s phone data forwarded to your user dashboard regularly.

Top-notch spy apps like mSpy take just quick seconds to install and offer comprehensive coverage of your target’s phone activities. It also operates in total stealth, leaving absolutely no clues behind on your target phone. When you want to check up on your target’s location, simply scroll down to the location category of the phone data update.

Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

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Reverse phone lookup websites are the modern version of printed phone directories. Initially designed to help law enforcement track people behind anonymous phone calls, reverse phone lookup websites now make it super easy to track a phone number for free online.

But as with other product categories, all reverse phone lookup websites are not on the same level. Some have more comprehensive records than others. Our recommended pick is Phone Number Track. It has one of the most comprehensive databases with the most convenient user experience.

To track any phone number’s location in Australia, simply enter the phone number on Phone Number Track’s homepage and hit the track button. In an instant, you’ll have a breakdown of many relevant details of the phone number, including the name, address, and email address registered on the account. What’s more, you’ll also get an update on the number’s current location.

Rest assured your search will remain confidential. No one, not to mention your target, will ever get to find out that you searched for a number on the platform. 

Best Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

Now, let’s look specifically at products with the best offers in each category. We’ll be reviewing multiple offers in each category to give you a wider latitude of choice. 



Detectico is our favorite SMS location tracker for a good reason. It gives you the best user experience and highly accurate location tracking, all without risking your money. You can test the waters with the one-day trial, and the monthly subscription comes with a money-back guarantee.

You’ll find Detectico simple and easy to use with a user-friendly experience right out of the gate and throughout your tracking campaign. You can have your tracking campaign underway within a matter of minutes. Send the disguised tracking link in either a default message or a customized message that’ll likely get the link clicked.

Once the link is clicked, you’re in. You can track a cell phone location by number,  no matter what corner of Australia they’re in – including places with poor or no mobile connectivity. What’s more, Detectico works on just about any phone. You’ll get highly accurate location data regardless of whether your target is using a 2G phone or a 5G device and regardless of the carrier. 

North App

north app

It’s hard to find a good match for Detectico, but we think North App is second best in this category. It works similarly to Detectico, giving you a perfect user experience and a reliable location update. It also offers a one-day trial, so you can have a good feel before plunging in.

The setup steps are equally straightforward. To track an iPhone location by phone number, simply enter the number you want to locate, send them a default or custom message with the location link, and once they click on the link, you’ll be able to track the phone number location in real-time on your dashboard. No bogus installation steps that can give you away and nothing at all that could indicate that phone tracking is ongoing on the phone.

North App also works on all types of phones, from Android to iOS, Symbian, and even old generation handsets. You can also track any number regardless of the carrier.



In the spy app category, eyeZy is one of the most reliable options. It uses AI to pair location data with a host of other phone data to help you stay well-informed about your target’s activities.

The Pinpoint feature comes with extra location capabilities besides location tracking, including geofencing, which sends out notifications the moment your target enters or leaves a certain location. You can have their location data saved for days or weeks on end for future use, like when gathering evidence of cheating.

To set up location tracking with eyeZy, simply create an account on the app’s platform, use the Friendly Installer to set up the app either remotely or physically on the target phone depending on the tracking features you want, and that’s it.

Once eyeZy is up and running, you’ll have your target’s location data, along with other phone data, regularly updated on your dashboard.

Did You Know: eyeZy can track your target’s location not only by phone number but also through their Wi-Fi connection. So if they turn off their phone number, you can still track their location by looking up the Wi-Fi connections they’re using. 


mSpy GPS Tracker

mSpy offers the best phone tracking experience among spy apps today. It takes a comprehensive, user-centric approach to phone tracking, allowing users to find out as much detail as they want about their target’s activities without a fuss.

You just need a moment to get your tracking campaign underway with mSpy. From then on, finding out your target’s location will be as easy as hopping on your dashboard and scrolling over to the phone location updates. You’ll get to see your target’s current and previous whereabouts on an elaborate map.

The location data will have details like the coordinates, street address, location time, and degree of accuracy. mSpy also has geofencing to help you keep close tabs on your kids without having to babysit them all day. Simply lock them into a location on your dashboard, and when they leave that location, you get notified instantly.


the spybubble

Another great phone tracker app we’ll be recommending is TheSpyBubble, thanks to its seamless tracking experience and highly accurate location data. Once you get your account and complete the simple installation steps, you can read up on a host of your target’s phone data, including their location. 

Their location data will be detailed down to addresses and time stamps. You can also set up geofencing notifications to get alerted about suspicious movements.

In addition to location tracking, you can also track the calls and SMS sent and received on the number. You can also track their online activities and app activities – social media, dating apps, browsing activities, internet searches, etc.

TheSpyBubble also boasts clandestine operations. It doesn’t leave a single shred of evidence behind on your target phone. You can have everything set up remotely from start to finish if your target is using an iPhone or with just a few seconds of physical access to their phone for Android.

Phone Number Track

Phone Number Track

Phone Number Track lets you track a cell phone with just the number. You can even track fixed lines across Australia. They even have support for VoIP numbers. Their phone database is one of the largest In the country and Australasia as a whole – you’re almost guaranteed to find something tangible with any phone lookup.

Simply enter the phone number with the correct area code, and the platform will instantly provide a host of information about it.

They also have a rigorous confidentiality policy. Your search on the platform will be between you and the platform – no third party will ever learn about your tracking activities. So go ahead and try out Phone Number Track.

Online GPS Phone Tracker 

Online GPS Phone Tracker 

With the Online GPS, learning how to track someone’s location with a phone number is as easy as entering the number on the homepage, choosing the carrier, and hitting the track button. 

Once you do that, you’ll find details of the phone number instantly. You’ll get to find the name and address registered on the line. 

The only drawback, though, is that it doesn’t reveal the phone number’s current location accurately. But you’ll get to see a whole lot of useful location clues like where they’ve been in the past and the registered address.

There’s no risk in trying out the Online GPS phone tracker. Not only is it free, but it also operates in secret, and your target will never have a clue you’ve looked up their location. 

Which Phone Location Tracking Method Is Better to Use?

The best solution on how to track location using a phone number is Detectico. It allows for stealthy, remote installation with no complex technical requirement. Plus, you can track any number anywhere in Australia, regardless of the carrier or type of phone used. It works on any phone and keeps your tracking campaign untraceable.

How to Track a Cell Phone and Get Alerts in Real-Time?

You can get real-time alerts of your target’s location with free apps like GPS Phone and Locate Any Phone. They offer location updates by the second, with high precision. They work regardless of the mobile carrier or type of phone in use. Plus, they even work when the phone is offline. As such, they can be quite a handy parental care tool.

Can You Track a Mobile Phone Number’s Current Location on a Map?

For a more elaborate phone number location update, you can try apps like eyeZy. You’ll get a well-detailed map of your target’s location with addresses and nearby landmarks to help you find the location. Plus, you’ll also get a whole lot of other phone data to help you make more sense of your target’s whereabouts.

Is It Legal to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing?

It’s always advisable to double-check your local privacy laws before tracking a person’s phone number without them knowing. Better to err on the side of caution. However, parental monitoring or employee monitoring is legal in most places.


Over to you now, so which of our recommended methods would you like to try out first? Each one has its pros and cons – some offer comprehensive phone tracking but at a price, others a free but bare-bone phone number lookup. 

But whichever method you choose, rest assured you’ll always come off with useful phone number location tracking.

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  1. I’ve actually had to use this sort of technology before, though thankfully not for anything too sinister. I was dating someone a while back who developed a bit of an obsession with me and wouldn’t leave me alone. He’d turn up to my house uninvited, call me constantly, and generally just make my life a living nightmare. In the end, I had to track his phone number in order to find out where he was at all times so that I could avoid him. It was an extreme measure, but it was the only way to keep myself safe.

    Thankfully, there are now much better tools available for dealing with stalkers and obsessed individuals. But it’s still good to know how to track a phone number just in case.

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