Phonesee Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

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Parenting is a round-the-clock job, and having an extra set of eyes seems a good idea when it comes to digital monitoring. In 2021, 84% of American parents controlled the content accessed by their children on apps and websites, either manually or using third-party apps.

If you’re ready to jump fully into this trend, you’re in luck. Phonesee, a newly launched parental control app, promises to help you keep tabs on your child’s digital life in real time. But is it really that good, or is this just another clever marketing ploy?  Read our Phonesee app review to find out.

General Overview

What is Phonesee? In short, it is a parental control app that goes beyond content monitoring. Built-in monitoring tools, for example, let you block specific websites and apps,  Phonesee does much more than that. Despite its compact size of around 2MB, it tracks all activities on a target device, including conversations, location, and more.

Is Phonesee safe? Your concerns regarding your child’s private data are valid, but you can relax. Phonesee is a secure parental solution that encrypts all recorded information from your child’s phone. Nobody ever gets access to it except for you.

How Does Phonesee Work?

If you’re into tech, you might be wondering how does Phonesee work? Although the developers of Phonesee don’t disclose their specific algorithms, we can tell you that it uses cloud-based technology to optimize your user experience.

Once the app is active on your child’s phone, it sends recorded data to a secure cloud database. This means you don’t need to install anything on your end — just log into your account, and you’re in control. So, is Phonesee legit to use? Yes, if your kid is under 18 years old, you can keep tabs on what they’re doing offline and online.

Phonesee Features

phonsee features

While our expectations of parental apps have grown over the years, a comprehensive feature set is a must-have for a reliable tool. So, what does Phonesee see? It supports the tracking of over 30 data types, including:

  • Text Messages. Discover who is texting them, what they’re saying, and when.
  • Call Logs. Access a detailed call history with timestamps, duration, and phone numbers.
  • GPS locations & Geofencing. Phonesee monitoring reviews often mention GPS tracker. And it’s easy to see why: it offers real-time, precise location tracking.
  • Photos & Videos. Browse their media folders as if you had the device in your hands.
  • Social Media Activity. Get behind the scenes of their activities on social media. Read chats, posts, and comments; view friend lists and more.
  • Browsing History. Dive deep into search queries, visited sites, and bookmarks.
  • App & Website Blocker. Stay in control with Phonesee Internet safety tools. Block unwanted and distracting apps and websites remotely.
  • Screen Recorder. Capture self-destructing text messages, photos, and videos.
  • Keylogger. Record keystrokes made on the target device. Recover deleted messages with ease.

Phonesee Compatibility

Let’s say your child owns the latest iPhone while you stick with your older Android. What does Phonesee do to bridge this gap? It offers advanced cross-platform solutions. The app works perfectly with most Android and iOS phones.

PlatformsAndroid & iOS
# of devicesUnlimited
Free DemoYes
Money-back guaranteeYes
Location trackingYes
Social media monitoringYes
Set restriction remotelyYes

How Much Does Phonesee Cost

Since Phonesee offers a subscription-based payment model, you can opt for a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. Plus, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee.

phonsee step pricee

How Much Does Phonesee Cost

1 month€37.19/month
3 months€21.25/month
12 months€8.85/month

How to Install Phonesee

Monitoring apps are different, and so are their installation modes. Some require a bit of time and technical know-how, while others can be set up in minutes. Phonesee definitely falls into the latter category. ​​Here’s your quick installation guide:

  1. Go to Then, fill in your registration form, which asks for your email.
  2. Select the target device’s model, Android or iOS.
  3. Pick up the subscription plan that’s right for your family.
  4. Download the app on the target device and enter the activation code from your welcome email. A quick tip from Phonesee parental control app reviews: if your child owns an iPhone, you can also use iC​​loud credentials to install the app remotely.
  5. ​​Log into your Control Panel from any browser and start monitoring!

Phonesee Pros and Cons

As with any pad application, you want to weigh the pros and cons before making a​​ final decision. We’ve done the work for you by analyzing Phonesee reviews Android and iOS.

Pros ✅:

  • User-friendly. The developers have put a lot of effort into the Phonesee control panel to ensure it’s intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Quick Data Transmission. Whenever Phonesee detects changes on a target device, it will immediately send the data to your control panel.
  • Stealth Mode. Phonesee runs in the background of the target device and doesn’t appear on the app list.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

Cons ❌:

  • If you wish to monitor multiple devices, you will need separate subscriptions for each one.

​​What Customers Say About Phonesee

We’ve said a LOT about our app of the day, but what do other users think about it? Let’s look at some Phonesee reviews iPhone and Android:


“All features work well, but I’m in love with instant alerts and keylogger.” Brad W.


“I’ve been using Phonesee to monitor my daughter’s phone, and it’s given me peace of mind. I can see all her texts, social media activity, and even track her location. It’s easy to use, and the customer support team is helpful.” Frank Y.


“One of the few apps that actually work remotely. Love it!” David S.


At the end of the day, we believe that Phonesee is a go-to monitoring app for anyone looking for an intuitive and reliable parental control solution. It has all the tools to keep your children safe from online dangers, and the customer service team is always ready to help. Still wondering what does Phonesee monitor? Try out the free demo and see it in action!

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